Stop voting for ‘thieves’

When I look at some of the most impoverished places where there are no basic services, I fail to understand what councillors are there for.

They are elected for a particular term and when that term ends, they need to make way for another councillor.

In most cases, they have nothing tangible to show after their term, except for their big bellies. Another thief in the form of a councillor steps in to finish looting state resources after their clueless comrade has finished using taxpayers’ money for personal gain.

What’s more annoying is the fact that before their formal appointment as councillors, they are usually all over making empty promises to provide better service delivery.

But after being inaugurated, they are nowhere to be found. That’s one thing they all have in common. They easily and completely forget the people who gave them a ladder to climb to success.

Most of them lack leadership qualities. I often wonder what criteria are used to endorse them as councillors.

With councillors present in every ward, why do people still have to travel long distances to access healthcare?

Why do many children still walk many kilometres barefooted to get an education? Is education a luxury or a necessity­?

Mpendulo Ncubukezi Email