‘Tap-and-go’ fears not allayed

An article which quoted Kalyani Pillay of Sabri, headed “ ‘Tap-and-go’ fears allayed”, appeared in People’s Post of 21 August.

My fears are not allayed.

Although it is claimed that contactless technology cannot be used to gain access to the card details, there is a growing body of occasions when it is claimed that it can be.

And remember, criminals are always one step ahead!

Should the credit card with this facility be separated from the legitimate cardholder then the card could be used without the pin to make purchases.

The legitimate cardholder could be incapacitated in some way (accident, illness, etc.) and it could be some time before the legitimate cardholder could be able to “stop” the card, consequently suffering financial loss.

I would like to state that the “tap-and-go” facility has been foisted on me and not provided as an option by my bank (as well as most other banks).

At least one other bank offers a credit card without the “tap-and-go” facility.

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