Uncertainty over library funds

Confusion around the ward allocation to Vrygrond Library has arisen following August’s subcouncil 18 sitting.

It was previously reported that the library would soon be presented with various programmes from Retreat Library, while being allocated R50 000 out of the ward 67 allocation (“Toy library comes to Grassy Park”, People’s Post, 21 August).

While “thrilled” to read that their library had been allocated R50 000, Vrygrond Community Reading Centre’s treasurer, Gerrard Wigram, says he is yet to see anything in their account.

“However, we have not been able to find the payment,” he said in an email last week.

The organisation invited ward 67 councillor Gerry Gordon to engage them in the use of the allocated funds as the funds had not yet been granted to them directly.

However, Gordon reiterates that certain processes still need to be followed in order for the R50 000 to be spent properly.

“There is a process, because it goes through our financial processes and procedures within the City of Cape Town. It cannot be deposited into someone’s bank account, because it must be given to a department, which is Library and Information Services, to look at what are the resources which are required. This is in consultation with the councillor as well as those concerned within the library,” Gordon says.