Vacant plot to be consolidated

Following a sitting of subcouncil 18 in Lotus River on Thursday, the City of Cape Town’s Transport and Urban Development Authority (TDA) proposed principle approval for a plot to be consolidated in Seawinds.

The piece of land is the remaining undeveloped land in Winifred Street (erf 143391) and is next to four other plots which have already been given the go-ahead to be consolidated and earmarked to be sold by the City. It was recommended that the remaining plot be sold together with the Winifred Street erf to increase the sale value.

The vacant unconsolidated property is zoned as General Business 1 (GB1) and measures 813m² in size and is said to be a market of R400 000, but this will be added to the other package once consolidated.

The motivating factors for the sale of this property are the following:

. The sale of the land will relieve Council of the maintenance burden;

. A market-related income will be generated;­

. The sale will enable better utilisation of the city land; and

. The vacant land will be developed to its highest and best use

Ward councillor Gerry Gordon welcomed the proposal after it was clarified that only the portion of land in Winifred Street still requires an in-principle approval for the sale via public competition.

“The item is for noting, but of course we need to have an oversight drawn in to what we are agreeing to. This erf is for general business. What I am not clear on [is if it can be rezoned], because there were various things it was given [and it] can be used for a few things.”

It was confirmed that all the properties in the proposed sale are zoned GB1.

According to the zoning scheme laid out by City official Siyabonga Mgquba at the subcouncil sitting, the zoning scheme suggests that the primary uses allowed within that zone are business premises, a dwelling house, a second dwelling, a boarding house, flats, place of instruction, place of worship, institution, hospital, place of assembly, place of entertainment, hotel, conference facility, service trade, authority use, utility service, rooftop-based communication station, multiple parking garage including a private road, veterinary practice and open space.

“Due to its small size and location, it is supported for disposal as per the application. The TDA department is now asking that consideration be given to disposing of erf 143391, which is the subject property, so as to create a consolidated erf for mixed use development. The concentrated area will then be 1725m² inclusive of a high-density residential component. So they are encouraging a mixture of uses, including a high-density residential component. That is the recommendation done by the TDA department. With regard to the valuation, it seems it impeded the other properties,” he said.