Video scores local boy a shot at goal

After reluctantly posting several videos online, Manchester is calling a local soccer player­.

Mujaheed Martin (18) from Lost City has been offered the opportunity to participate in a one-day trial in Manchester after scouts spotted him online.

The trial allows for the player to be watched by scouts from seven countries around the world, with a chance to be drafted­.­

“My friends influenced me to take videos. At first I did not want to post them online but I did. I only started doing the videos last year and that is how they saw me.

“I received an email and they asked for my details. After that I was invited to participate in the trials,” says Martin.

There are two opportunities for Martin to make his dream a reality – one later this month, or one in December.

“I started playing soccer when I was in Grade 4. My father used to watch it and that is what got me interested in the sport. Since then I have been playing,” he says.

He was drafted to several local teams including Ajax Cape Town.

“It got a bit much for me because I was in matric so I chose academics. It was very frustrating. I am currently not playing for any club because of work and my pending studies,” he says.

Martin is currently completing an apprenticeship ahead of hopefully studying civil engineering next year.

“I dreamt of becoming a professional soccer player but had to choose and chose academics. If I can have the opportunity to become a professional soccer player now, I will take it,” he says.

While he would love to have the opportunity to make his sporting dream a reality, he needs help getting there.

The product of a single-mother household, Martin has plans in place to help raise funds for the trip to assist in making it possible.

“Unfortunately, I need to pay for everything for the trip myself,” he says.

“It means a lot to be scouted and I want to make the most of the opportunity.

“Especially coming from areas like these, we must take the opportunities we get. This can take me far and I can make a career out of this.” V His videos are available on Youtube.