Ward 54 residents speak

Residents of the Atlantic Seaboard (Ward 54) recently responded to the call to take more control over the problems in their neighbourhood. The residents proposed five topics to be discussed in a community complaint and solution event at Sea Point High School on Saturday 18 August from 10:00 to 13:00.

These are:

. We are not getting “bang for our buck” for what we pay in and we won’t take it anymore. What are our options?”

. Security in our streets is uncontrollable and we need to restore order­.

. Centralised governance is proving ineffective and our elected ward councillor seems to have no influence. What are the alternatives­?

. Water bills make no sense especially with the recent rainfall

. Development in the area has gotten out of control and seems to completely benefit the developers that are also those that dictate on the matter in public sector.

V For more information, call Giuliano Giacovazzi on 071 427 4373.