Welcome the Solomons back to Constantia

Instead of challenging the Solomon family regarding the development of their land, wouldn’t it be a wonderful gesture by the Constantia Ratepayers’ and Residents Association if they assisted them in overcoming the obstacles that have arisen in their quest to return to Constantia (“Restoring a legacy” People’s Post, 14 August).

Rashaad Solomon has reiterated that the Family Trust wish to create a mixed commercial and residential area up to the standard of the local community. I can only imagine that while wishing to continue his grandparents and parents legacy, he will only want the very best for them to be remembered by. The last thing we could possibly want is another shameful blot on the area like District Six to continue. Once the dump was closed down it was exciting to think that we would be rid of the evidence of those dreadful forced removals.

Although the terrible hurt the family suffered can never be erased, I hope that they feel that after all these years some justice has been done.

The fact that 84 claimants will be returning to their family land is in itself testimony to the strength of the Solomons who will now, once again, be contributors to the community.

I remember well the outcry that took place when Constantia Village was mooted and now no one would be without it. If challenged in the High Court this could drag on for ages – costing more money for the developers and only the lawyers will be the winners in the end.

Let’s reach out to them and welcome the Solomon family back to Constantia – then we will have a win-win situation. The irony of resisting this development is that in a few years time we won’t even notice it is there.

Please don’t let us be the ones to continue the hurt this family has had to endure over the past 64 years.

Pat Flesch Diep River