Winning the literary race

A local literacy organisation has expanded its reach to yet another province while officially launching its fourth book.

Read to Rise visited six schools last week after returning home from Limpopo where they had expanded the project to another five schools.

Volunteers visited Cornflower, Woodville, Parkhurst, Westville, Duneside and Mitchell’s Plain primary schools last week to hand over the newly launched Oaky Runs a Race to Grade 3 learners.

The book is now the fifth in the Oaky series.

Read to Rise works with 45 primary schools in Mitchell’s Plain and has expanded the project to Soweto and the Limpopo Province.

The series, consisting of Oaky and the Sun, Oaky the Brave Acorn, Oaky the Happy Tree, and What is happening to Oaky?, was written by Mitchell’s Plain-born author and poet Athol Williams, who is co-founder of the organisation. The books are illustrated by co-founder Taryn Lock.

The series also recently distributed its 100 000th book (“Oaky empowers 100k to read”, People’s Post, 22 May).

The series centres around an acorn named Oaky and chronicles the different stages of development as the acorn becomes a large oak tree.

The books are filled with lessons in friendship, celebrating uniqueness, following positive role models and sharing.

Read to Rise is a non-profit organisation that has been in existence for the past five years. The organisation focuses on getting Grade 2 and 3 learners to read.

People’s Post volunteered with the organisation last week and volunteers and donations are welcome.V For more information or to get involved, visit