Worry as prayer room set alight

Members of the Sayed Mahmud Mazaar are concerned about their safety following an alleged attempt to burn the Kramat, a prayer room, at around 06:00.

According to Mahmood Limbada, chairperson of the Cape Mazaar Society, the Kramat was set alight by two unknown men who pretended to be there for a morning prayer.

Limbada says the caretaker was alone at the premises when the men arrived and he let them in as it is common for their members to hold prayers around that time. He explains that there are three different prayers held per day and a midnight prayer.

“The premises are secured with a remote-controlled gate but we do not stop people from coming in for a prayer. Those men were disguised as one of us. We believe they brought something to start the fire. Luckily the caretaker noticed smoke and went to check. He saw those men running away. He managed to put out the fire. We do not know who would want to torch a place of prayer. It is very disturbing.

“We hope those perpetrators will be found and the law can take its course. We have opened a case with the police, and we trust justice will be served.”

Limbada estimates the value of the damages at roughly R2000.

According to him, a few books and a carpet were burnt while the interior part was slightly stained by smoke. He says he condemns such incidents and appeals to anyone with information regarding the incident to report it to the police.

The police had not confirmed the case at the time of going to print.