Abandoned baby lives

DESERTED but not defeated, a brave newborn baby survived what is suspected to have been a three day ordeal after being found abandoned in a bush in Albersville this week.

The newborn was found by security company Lazer 911 officer Kerwin Dicken at about 11 pm on Tuesday night.

According to Lazer manager Basil Lanka, the company got the report from a client who said they heard sounds of a baby or a cat coming from a dense bush.

Dicken’s initial search came up with nothing however, when he was about to leave, he heard a faint cry, tracing it to the bushes in the backyard of another neighbour.

Dicken’s approached the neighbour and did a search of his yard, with his search leading to bushes at the back of the house where he discovered a new born baby, still attached to its umbilical cord.

“The officer quickly wrapped the baby up, jumped into his van and got the client to drive him to the hospital,” said Lanka, adding that neighbours informed Dicken that the sound had been heard in the area for about three days.

Police confirmed the incident and Port Shepstone hospital PRO Phumza Morai also confirmed that the baby, which she said weighed 3.7 kg, was alive and healthy after being admitted at the hospital on Wednesday.

“The baby has scratches on his face and body, I assume from being up against the bushes. His feet were also swollen.

However, he is pretty healthy, especially seeing as he may have been alone in the bushes for three days,” said Morai.

She said that once the baby had been deemed in good clinical health, the hospital’s social worker will then seek to place him in a home or orphanage.

Child Welfare social worker Cleressa Naidoo said the incident was heartbreaking and perplexing as there is a myriad of avenues that a mother who felt they would not be able to cater for their baby can explore rather than to dump it in a bush.

“We appeal to community members again if, for any reason, they find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy, to contact us and we can find ways to help,” said Naidoo.

Child Welfare and Lazer 911 are accepting baby gift packs or any other forms of assistance from the community for the baby. Donations can be dropped off at the Lazer house on 64 Marine Drive, next to the Oslo Beach park.