Angels touch St Faiths Orphanage

TOUCHED by an Angel charity organisation began their feeding scheme initiative four years ago, with the hope of doing their part to try and combat the hunger issue that South Africans face on a daily basis.

The organisation began on the South Coast and targeted schools and orphanages that needed help with food supplies or meals.

Since four years ago, Touched by an Angel organisation now travel all over KZN proceeding with their feeding schemes.

One of the latest projects was a visit to the Assisi Cluster Home Mission in Saint Faiths where the orphanage was provided with chicken soup and bread.

“A special thanks goes out to all sponsors and well wishers.

“Our aim and focus is to assist the disadvantaged and special-needs children. Every project is made possible by our generous sponsors,” said Cookie Basudeo.

For further information or how you can make a donation to the organisation, contact Basudeo on 084 358 5363.