Boat capsizes at river mouth

NSRI Rocky Bay duty crew were activated at
7.12 am on Sunday, August 26, following unconfirmed reports of a boat that capsized in the Umkomazi River Mouth.

NSRI rescue crew and NSRI paramedics responded to the scene to investigate. Police Search and Rescue and NSRI Durban were placed on alert.

On arrival on the scene, three fishermen from the five meter ski-boat Sea Sniper were accounted for.

Their boat had capsized at about 7 am while launching through the river mouth to go to sea. Their casualty boat remained in the surfline in the capsized position.

Local Dive Charter boats were attempting to right the casualty boat but, after efforts were delayed, NSRI Rocky Bay launched the sea rescue craft Freemasons Way and NSRI Durban responded to the scene in the NSRI Durban sea rescue vehicle, towing the sea rescue craft Spirit of Surfski III that was launched on the scene.

Police Search and Rescue and eThekwini surf lifeguards responded to assist.

Blue Ocean Dive Charters loaned their dive charter boat; manned by eThekwini surf lifeguards, NSRI rescue swimmers and Police Search and Rescue divers; which was launched to assist.

In a joint operation using the sea rescue craft and the dive charter boat, the capsized casualty boat was righted and towed safely ashore and recovered.

An NSRI rescue swimmer was transferred onto the casualty boat during the tow operation to assist to bail water to lighten the craft during the tow effort. — Supplied