Concerns over increasing numbers of homeless

THE issue of homelessness is seemingly on the rise on the South Coast.

Residents in Margate have expressed concern about a new wave of homeless citizens who have recently taken up residence outside the lifeguard offices at Margate beach.

While police and local security companies have gone to great lengths to curb crimes related to the presence of the homeless people, the conundrum residents have expressed requires a more multi-disciplinary approach. The issue is seemingly worse in Port Shepstone with business owners near these so called “squatting areas” reporting cases of burglary on almost a daily basis.

Ray Nkonyeni Municipality spokesperson Simon April said a more permanent, “harmonious” solution was needed to curb the multifaceted social ill. The challenge of vagrancy is one of national concern and our locality is no exception. “Law Enforcement agencies will keep on attending to them though a harmonious solution is needed,” he said