CPF levy unfair

Someone needs to investigate the levying of an extra tax by the Ramsgate CPF on the rates. As I am on a static, low pension, I cannot afford this extra tax.

I have nothing of value in my flat. A few years ago, a tax was instituted by the CPF. After a meeting controlled by retired lawyers, it was declared illegal and funds were reimbursed to the residents. An enormous amount of finance had been amassed.

A minimum was paid to the reservists; whilst the rest was appropriated by the chairman, deputy and treasurer.

In an attempt to resolve this issue, I located an ombudsman site on Google, which offered free advice.

Thus I posed the question of the legality of this tax, enquiring on how to resolve the problem. I was instructed to wait for the answer. Then a page appeared, requesting approximately R500 that was “immediately refundable”.

I was required to inscribe my bank details and personal information.

It appears that this site is a scam to empty people’s bank accounts. How is it possible that a law site offering assistance from an ombudsman can commit fraud?

I contacted the Municipality’s Electricity Department to report that the street lights on Marine Drive in Ramsgate are illuminated during the day.

The reply was there are no LED bulbs available.

I have also been assured of the road repairs outside my flat, which leads to the sea, but to no avail.

I have phoned more than 20 times and even received an SMS indicating the repairs would be undertaken. A woman, Veronica, verbally informed me of the repairs to be undertaken three weeks ago.


Dr L.J. Peltz