Extend your 67 minutes of doing good

A LOT of people did their 67 minutes for Mandela last week but I have decided to extend that time and do my good deed by raising funds for a very sick young lady who has no medical aid.

I have organised a fun day at the Margate Light Plane Club (Margate Airport) for August 4 and it should turn out to be a happy family day — something all of us need.

The day starts at 2 pm with a competition to crown the Local Braai Master where two dishes (mainly meat) must be served to a panel of judges. Participants are requested (if possible) to bring their own braai and charcoal, although limited braais will be available. There will be no judging for your braai area or any theme. Just the food.

While all this is carrying on, the little ones (babies and toddlers up to age five) can participate in a beauty competition. Depending on the entries, there will be several categories.

And as always, the biking fraternity on the coast is not forgotten. You may be a speedster on the roads but the challenge on this day will be to see who can go over the winning line last. The slowest biker will be the ultimate winner.

To round off this fun day, a karaoke competition will take place, also in different categories. Enough shooters at the cash bar will smooth out the voice boxes.

For any information about this special day, please phone Ilse at 084 494 5924.

— Ilse Venter.