Four key managers resign

managers was of great concern.

“At this stage the municipality should come up with a turnaround strategy that will save it from being technically bankrupt,” he said. Mr Ngcobo also mentioned that, in the three months the municipality would be owing almost 600 million rand if the strategy had not been designed in three months.

Municipal manager DD Naidoo said many managers had left the municipality and the service delivery had not been affected. Ugu District Municipality spokesperson France Zama said the resignation of an employee in any workplace is a “unilateral act” taken by that individual employee concerned and this was not a uniquely Ugu District Municipality phenomenon.

“There is nothing untoward about the recent resignations as the individuals concerned have made choices to pursue their career interest somewhere else,” said Zama. He said the municipality has a clear adopted supply chain management policy which dictates due processes to be followed in dealing with municipal tenders, therefore claims of unsavoury acts forcing members to resign were baseless and mischievous seeking to mislead the public.

“Local government is a highly regulated environment and our municipality is no exception therefore our service providers have no locus standi [right] to exert any form of pressure on the municipality and on how it conducts its operations,” said Zama.