High rise in car deal scams

THE Ugu Cluster police are concerned about the reports received by various police stations within the cluster, of internet and print media scams targeting prospective used vehicle buyers.

Pre-owned vehicles are advertised in the newspapers and on the internet and buyers are requested to pay a deposit up front to secure a deal.

The vehicles are advertised at such bargain prices that the buyer rushes to make the requested deposit into the bank account that is provided by the would-be seller so as not to lose out on a great buy.

Once the deposited money has been withdrawn from the account, the buyer finds that the ’seller’s’ cell phone has been disconnected and it is usually at this stage that he or she realises that their deposit money has disappeared with the con artist.

“The public is advise to purchase vehicles from registered vehicle dealers.

If you intend buying a vehicle advertised in the newspapers or internet, verify the authenticity of the deal before parting with your money,” said police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Thulani Zwane.

— Supplied.