Invitation to observe Hindu prayer

CULTURAL diversity is one of South Africa’s best attributes. People are often curious of cultural rituals and are not afraid to ask “why?”.

In the Hindu culture, one of the most asked questions is diverted toward the sacred thread (red string) which is tied around the wrist of Hindu people.

The red string signifies the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi who is the symbol of good health, wealth and prosperity, and on August 24, as predetermined by the phases of the moon, Hindus will observe the auspicious day as a day to pray to the divine mother.

“A mother guides her children from the time they are born, ensuring that they are protected and are in good health.

“Mothers also put their children before themselves and make sure that their child is not short of anything through their life’s journey.

“Goddess Lakshmi is a mother and therefore takes care of her children. Mothers, or a woman with maternal instincts, tie the sacred thread around the wrist of family members and pray for their well-being on this auspicious day,” said Neeri Chetty.

The Umbango Sri Siva Soobramonair Alayam opens an invitation to the public for their Varalakshmi Vratham Prayer (Lakshmi Prayer) tomorrow (August 24) at 6 pm. All who wish to partake in the Kuthuvilakku Prayer can contact Ragini Ramuloo on 083 703 5303 for the prayer requirements.

“Service will be dedicated to our divine Mother Lakshmi followed by the tying of the red strings by Guru J.Shanmugananda Sharma and supper will be served.

“All are welcome,” said temple PRO Cohendran Pillay.