Land grabs and destruction

TITLE deeds are a guarantee of the purchase and ownership of property. Bank loans are granted if there is security. The diabolic ruse of devious minds, of desecrating graves, has been attributed to a thriving farmer. He had purchased, laboured, irrigated and cultivated his land, working from dawn to dusk, including weekends. His farm is targeted for a “land grab”.

Many years ago three farms were “given” to new owners. The Tea Garden, with its flourishing trade and tourist venue, is now a barren stretch of abandoned land; the media depicted starving animals and cattle carcasses on a once flourishing dairy farm; the new owner of a R16 million chicken farm failed to care for his poultry, so the business collapsed and starving pigs resorted to eating one another on a farm purchased by an affluent parliamentary, woman minister, with no knowledge of farming. Her unpaid employees, destitute, were unable to contact her. A research project should be devised, granting every cultural group the same amount of land and resources.

After a two year period, results would indicate which group(s) has/have progressed, an indication of a work ethic, responsibility and accountability.

Trade Unions have crippled the mining industries, which have become financial burdens and risks on the companies, resulting in the retrenchment of more than 30 000 miners. No organisation can function when employees are permanently striking.

How will the retrenched workers survive? Crime will escalate, accompanied by a population increase. With excessive leisure, fornication and procreation increase.

The Eskom saga illustrates destruction and striking. Malicious damage to property/sabotage is an offence, punishable by law. Trade Union members can be described as utterly stupid. Their bosses, who incite them to strike, are paid exorbitant salaries; while they starve. Groups installing illegal connections, in broad daylight, have neither been prosecuted, nor arrested.

R78 million damages were incurred by the university students, committing arson and destruction, an indication of absolute stupidity. Even newly constructed buildings were targeted.

The unfeasible endeavour of the “Fees must fall” organisation could have contributed to the suicide of a Cape Town professor, who could not resolve the problem. There is no finance!

The goal to destroy trains is another indication of lack of reasoning. Damaging more trains will not ensure the punctuality of the transport, but will result in a total lack of transport.

The situation, prevailing in Zimbabwe, is a reflection of Africa. A democracy can only function in a progressive society, where people can reason. Children during play, prior to reaching maturity, vie for the position of boss, even resulting in fisticuffs, to secure their leadership.

In Africa, the party leaders aspire to be the president, accusing the opposition of foul play. Violence ensues, thus destabilising the country.

Dr L.J. Peltz

South Coast