Licensing department issues addressed

FOLLOWING several complaints regarding staff conduct and ‘bad attitude’ in serving customers at the Port Shepstone licencing department, Ray Nkonyeni Municipality has taken steps to address the issue.

Last week, resident Danielle Moore took to social media to vent her frustrations after experiencing what she called the worst abuse of women and elderly people she had ever experienced. Adding to the issue, she said the premises were “filthy”, and the parking lot was “very unsafe”.

“I witnessed a traffic officer bleeding from the face after being attacked at that parking lot. I also have reason to believe I was intimidated to the point of tears during the eye test for [no] reason other than my perfect eye sight,” said Moore.

“Something needs to be done, our jobs and car insurance rely on having a [driver’s] licence. I don’t think I will have the courage to go fetch my licence there,” she said.

It seems the municipality has heard hers and other complainants calls, stating that they have been “implementing consequential management at the department”.

RNM spokesperson Simon April said customers should always report perpetrators to their immediate supervisor.

“We note with concern the continuous complaints in regards to our MLB Section. We want to however indicate that the municipality has addressed the staff’s attitude, which was found to have been varying from employee to employee, of which has shown improvement in the majority,” said April.

“Although rudeness by our employees is in no way being justified, we would also like to plead with customers to bear with the municipality when there are delays due to technicalities or a huge number of customers which sometimes result to customers being unfriendly or hostile when engaging with the officials,” said April.