Mandela Day ‘discrimination’ in the community

I BRING to your attention a heart-breaking matter that certainly did not happen in the spirit of Mandela Day.

My mother resides in Merlewood, Port Shepstone and is 72-years-old.

On Mandela Day my mother was not feeling well enough to walk up to the area where the food hampers where being distributed for the elderly. She instead sent my sister.

When she [sister] got there my mother’s name was not on the list, she was told by somebody at the campaign that my mother receives money from her son in Johannesburg and that’s why her name was not on the list.

I know that more hampers will be given to those who didn’t get.

In my mother’s case a specific reason has been given as to why her name was not on the list.

As I spoke to my mother when she was telling me this, I felt her pain through her voice over the phone and I wept. We have witnesses’ names and telephone numbers of those who heard what was said. My mother was singled out and my sister was publicly embarrassed. My mother was robbed of her dignity and unfairly discriminated.Leadership is not about power over people. This is totally unacceptable.
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— Derrick Kinder
via e-mail