Municipality to renovate crematorium

THE Ray Nkonyeni Municipality has resolved to accept a grant of R10 million from the Department of Human Settlements and Public Works for the renovation of the crematorium in Izotsha.

The renovations to the Izotsha crematorium are as a result of the declining state of the facility.

The renovations are meant to both make the facility functional and to provide upgrades. The service would then be open to all in the community.

Council is comfortable that burial space in the urban strip is still manageable, and accepts the grant as part of its long-term vision to ensure that accommodation is made for the future.

Municipal manager Maxwell Mbili said the actual design of the structure will depend largely on what is possible on site and within budget, which can only be determined by qualified engineers in due course. However the municipality’s priority would be to ensure that the funding is able to deliver a functional crematorium to accommodate the needs of the residents.

“The project is still in its planning phase, and the necessary logistical and legislative requirements will be met before construction,” he said.