Raising funds for the upkeep of the local environment

The community of Clansthal have gathered together to raise funds to clean up their environment by holding a food and craft market.

Situated at the home of Keith and Liz Cunningham, at 111 Pig and Whistle Drive, the community will present their crafting talents in a delightful environment.

The recent Winter Market, which was the largest since they commenced in April 2015, attracted 500 visitors to 45 different stalls.

This is the main fund-raising event in the area which will allow residents to hire casual labour to work with volunteers to clear verges, maintain the public carpark, clean the beaches and remove water lettuce in the river estuary.

“Do join us on Sunday, September 2 between 9 am and 2 pm,” said organiser Liz Cunningham.

For more information visit www.clansthalconservancy.org.za.