Reservoir leak wrecks havoc in Margate

A LEAKING valve at a reservoir in extension four in Margate flooded nearby houses, causing damages to properties amounting to over R30 000 at one residence alone.

Residents on Cypress Avenue were on the receiving end of Ugu’s water woes last week when, in addition to not having running water from their taps because the reservoir had leaked dry, their yards were flooded with water from the leak.

Resident Andre Groene first encountered the vexatious paradox two weeks ago when he woke up to a caved-in back wall and his whole yard under water.

The damages, he said,had sunk his foundation, causing his walls to crack. He said the initial quote from insurance amounted to R34 000.

However, while that complaint was still unattended to by Ugu, last Thursday another gush of water flooded his home from the same reservoir.

“This is really frustrating, and Ugu does not even care. The only thing I got was an SMS with a reference. Are they going to wait until my house is flooded before they fix their issues,” questioned Groene.

Ugu Ditrict Municipality did not respond to requests for comment at the time of going to print.