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Brendon Govender: Children! WTF!.....I know the driver was driving fast to cut in line.....

Natasha Pillay: Every day our kids lives are in danger with these drivers! What’s the rush to put others in danger!!!!

Avinash Maharaj: these jackasses have no respect for the rules of the road.

Janet Smith Hicks: When are the legal authorities/law enforcement actually going to start following through with legislation!!!!! Our road traffic law enforcement with the taxi’s seems to be non-existant!!!!!!!! LAW ENFORCEMENT

Gabbie Simpson: Poor children risking life to make more money grrr

Prebashnee Suripersad: Now I hope the taxi association can see why we parents don’t want our kids to travel to school in public transport

Coetzee Pather: Taxi drivers don’t respect their passengers. They drive like crazy. They also dumb. They don’t have the ability to think when they drive. Thus endangering people. To add to this there is no visibility of traffic officers. Visibility of law enforcement officials assist to deter any criminal activity. Watch how many will be available over weekends when there are sporting events. They want the overtime money only.

Sagryda Bristow: He’s not even on the road, no wonder he hit the post - most probably trying to manoeuvre some illegal move without considering the safety of the passengers

Rajashree Pachuwah: If the government could enforce harsh laws on smoking, why isn’t anything being done about these reckless taxi drivers and the owners of these unroadworthy taxis?

A TAXI carrying 15 school children collided into a signpost on Greytown Road in Northdale. The children were transported to various Pietermaritzburg hospitals.