Special needs centre doors officially open

THE doors of Megan du Plessis Special Needs Centre were officially opened at their premises in Marina on Saturday.

The project was started by Hanlie and Kingsley du Plessis who had a 17-year-old daughter, Megan, with special needs.

Megan died in 2016 and the Du Plessis bought Shelford farm, with a big shed on it, that they wanted to turn into a special needs centre, for Megan and other children.

They were approached by Lene Schnackenberg from the Thuthukani Pre-School, a school for children with special needs in Shelly Beach, for a collaboration and they agreed.

Thuthukani Pre-School, which had been in existence since September 2014, then joined the Megan du Plessis Foundation in January 2018 and in August moved all their teachers, pupils, toys, equipment and material to Shelford Farm.

“Megan du Plessis Special Needs Centre was opened in remembrance of Megan and to the honour of God.

This new centre will be a happy place for many and our joy, expertise and passion will continue as it has in the past at Thuthukani Pre-School,” said Schnackenberg.

She said numerous renovations and alterations have been done at the shed and a senior section of the centre would also open soon.

The centre is a Partial Care Facility, that accepts learners with special educational needs. Children with autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome, epilepsy or any other significant developmental delays or disorders are catered for.

“We provide a structured, well-planned, Christian environment on Shelford Farm in Bushy Vales, Marina Beach, where learners are given optimal opportunities to develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually to their full potential,” said Schnackenberg.