Temple hosts ‘beach prayer’

SHREE Raam Narayan Temple opens an invitation to the public for their Ganga Pooja (beach prayer) which will be held on Saturday, July 28 at 2 pm at My Den beach, Oslo Beach.

“The Ganga Pooja signifies our gratitude to Mother Earth for the conservation of our planet and all of our natural resources. After the Ganga Maya pooja prasad and supper will be served,” said president of the temple Singh Samsundar.

On Sunday, June 29 the temple will be hosting their Pancho Pooja at the temple in Marburg.

The prayer will begin at 7.30 pm and will also include a talk by guest speaker Mr Ranjith Ramnarain, thereafter supper will be served. “The Pancho pooja is a very exciting prayer, this prayer includes seven sarees being laid out and danced on in celebration of Mother Kali”

“Pancho means public, this prayer is an important prayer for the public to observe — this is how we show gratitude for all our blessings,” said Samsundar.