Thanks doc

Thank you doctors Charles Thompson and Daniel Otto; you are my heroes. I recently took ill and after blood tests confirmed something was wrong. My local GP Dr Charles Thompson managed to convince Dr. Otto to adopt my case.

I was admitted to the Margate Private Hospital and went from CT scan to theatre for an emergency laparoscopy the same night. Although the appendix was removed, after further blood tests it was determined that this was not the source of the problem.

Dr Otto then made a promise to find the source of the problem, which took him a further five days.

Over the past 30-odd years, I have gone to doctors to have this problem identified but without success, which resulted in a chronic condition and was causing major damage without my knowledge.

They were the first doctors who went the extra mile to find out that it was not a “mental problem” but an actual physical problem, which resulted in lots of pain at times.

Thank you doctors.

At least I know someone was there for me when I tried to mentally block the pain which could have resulted in a very bad outcome but can now be treated. You are indeed my heroes.


Palm Beach