THAT wet feeling, it’s embarrassing so most women simply never tell anyone and just hide it.

Yet urine incontinence or a “weak bladder” is actually very common. It’s important to talk to your gynae about this so that we can help.

Trying to repeatedly empty your bladder whenever you can, or not drinking enough water just to make sure you don’t need to pee can actually make the problem worse.

It is much better to treat the cause and then to slowly train your bladder to hold more until you are ready to empty it.

This works very well if there is a bladder infection or a vaginal discharge that needs antibiotics or a vaginal cream. It also helps when older women are struggling with vaginal dryness that gets better after using vaginal estrogen cream or tiny vaginal hormone tablets.

Sometimes the cause is weakness of the muscles that close the bladder.

These are the same muscles that stop wind from escaping. They get stretched and loose from being pregnant, overweight, constant coughing or pushing from constipation or just after giving birth naturally.

Exercises to strengthen these pelvic floor muscles will help and if done regularly can even prevent urine leaking later on.

If the pelvic floor is weak and you still leak urine when you laugh, cough, jump, run, bend over, pick up something heavy or during sexual intercourse, then you should see your gynae or urologist.

A simple procedure can be done to allow you to get back to the fun things in life so you can forget about needing all those nasty pads or liners and that spare pair of undies.

Since so much can be done about urine incontinence and it’s far more common than you think, there really is no need to be embarrassed about it.

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