Agricultural education on the North Coast

SHAKASKRAAL Secondary School has become the first fully fledged agricultural college on the North Coast.

Funded by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the school has now been renamed the North Coast Agricultural College and it will be one of five in the province.

The college will cater for student living in Shakaskraal and surrounding areas.

School Principal Sunjay Bodasing said that the idea for the initiative was thought of in 2013 although it has taken a while to implement.

“We have also started skills training courses for the community on different spheres of agriculture and we welcome all the people from iLembe District to take part,” said Bodasing.

The Department of Agriculture injected approximately R2 million into the project and there are three major subjects which are currently being offered at the college — agriculture technology, agriculture management and specialist agriculture.

“We are still waiting for the Department of Education’s contribution on the initiative as they have not given us any feedback in terms of their involvement and I would like to add that we need to see commitment from all stakeholders involved for the project to succeed,” he added.

The school currently partakes in boiler farming, layer farming for chickens, vegetable and fruit farming. Bodasing also highlighted that they will soon be establishing an aqua farm and an orchid.

There are also plans to build a 350 bed hostel at the school which will accommodate students from around iLembe.