Inspiring women to go further

THE Nation Builders Arise, Shine Women’s Day celebration saw guests from different walks of life converge to celebrate the great strides women are making in society.

The event, which was aimed at celebrating but also empowering women, included a self-defence demonstration by Humaira Khan and the KwaDukuza Martial Arts (KDMA) team and a health and fitness talk by Rae Dengler from DynamX Ladies Health Studio.

Keynote speaker at the event and Nation Builders founder Annet Michelle Sewraj called on all women present to rise up and shine in the different spheres of society.

She said that the women of South Africa have always played a significant role in challenging the policies and laws set out by government.

She compared women to the women who marched on August 9, 1956 in one of the most historic events in the struggle for freedom and women’s rights in South Africa.

Sewraj challenged the women at the event to develop the same courageous spirit and to look to change this nation and make it a better place for the generations to come.

“Women who are tasked with various roles such as wife, mother, daughter, employee, business owners etc, sometimes find it difficult to cope with the business of everyday life.

“The women were encouraged to take time to develop themselves by analysing every area of their life, including their family, careers, finances and the impact they have on society.”

She stressed the importance of having a self-development plan and working on improving areas of weakness in their lives.

Sewraj gave the women a picture of their role in society and encouraged them to work alongside their male counterparts at home and at their workplace to uplift and build strong homes and communities.

KwaDukuza deputy mayor Dolly Govender, who was also present at the event, commended Nation Builders on the great work they have been doing in the region — impacting and empowering women, youth and children.

She also added that there are many opportunities for women to rise up and find their sphere of influence in society, through business, education, agriculture and government.

The ladies enjoyed an exciting afternoon together, with food and entertainment.

They were treated to gifts and many of the ladies walked away with prizes from raffles that were run during the event.