‘Return not-less-than 40% of land to black people’ - ANCYL

THE ANC Youth League in the Greater KwaDukuza Region has called on all white farmers in the district to “voluntarily return not-less-than 40% of arable land to indigenous people who were historically disposed by the colonial settler regime”.

The league made this call at a press briefing on Monday, April 24.

The league’s regional secretary Musa Zondi said: “We hold a firm belief that relinquishing the stolen property to its rightful owner is one of the most honourable things to do and we know that for every peace-loving South African farmer heeding this wise counsel of Vukayibambe would take us steps closer towards the much-vaunted reconciliation.”

He said the league is willing to work with any person or grouping which agrees with the understanding that the growing anger amongst black youth is in the main the resulting of the prejudice, arrogance and attitude of propertied classes.

“And should this not be realised we offer no guarantee to those self-centred fat-cats who have no consideration to the genuine demands of the African child. 

“No matter how much noise is made about superficial reconciliation, the point is to restore the dignity of black people so that true freedom will reign in the land,” he said.

He said it is on this basis that the Youth League in the Greater KwaDukuza region is more than ready to join all struggles which seek to ensure that land is returned back to the previously disadvantaged people.