What’s new at Baraaqa this month?

THE new Positive You programme has been launched in preparation for Women’s Day, so take full advantage of this special offer.

Are you ready to smell the roses and ignore the thorns?

Are you willing to experience the full joys, pleasures and sweetness of life?

If your answer is yes then you are saying yes to a new positive you.

Shed the years of negativity and step into your true positive essence.

Exude confidence and self esteem. Reclaim your true divine worth and shining potential and discover your true, powerful, authentic self.

Create a brand new positive you. Embark on this transformational journey with Farah Manjoo for just four weeks and get in touch with your joyful bubbly self.

This programme includes four weekly one-on-one sessions.

Each session is between 90 to 120 minutes and is designed to suit your personal challenges using the techniques of The Journey, Brain Gym and life coaching.

Farah Manjoo offers a professional service of high standards and value.

She upholds the important principles of client confidentiality and offers full support and guidance within the duration of the programme.

Her expertise is highly recommended globally.

This four week programme is valued at R 3 600. Sign up before August 15 and you will pay a special price of R 3 250, saving you R 350.

We accept Visa and Mastercard and a payment plan of three easy payments is also available on request.

Benefit greatly from a burst of positivity in your life.

If you learn the art of being positive under any circumstances, you can achieve anything!