Bring your custom built-in cabinetry ideas to life

A good idea always sparks the enthusiasm of DIY junkies.

So, if you are looking for inspiring cabinetry cut and edge ideas, or if you would like to have your great idea to be cut-to-size or pre-assembled, go to Mazosys Cut and Edge board specialist.

Mazosys showroom at 78 Baird Street, Uitenhage, features an extensive display of some of their finest cabinetry and ideas, made by experienced craftsmen, who are up to date with the latest trends in materials, hinges, products and finishes.

Whether you know what you want for your kitchen, bathroom, bar, breakfast nook or bedroom - or if you are looking for advice - Mazosys will bring your ideas to life.

With their state of the art cutting technology they will cut your panels to the precise specifications and work closely with you, ensuring that you end up with the design that complements your home best.

Nothing puts your space to use better than built-in cabinets and shelving. Make Mazosys your DIY partner and they will design and build a custom solution that will be as beautiful to look at as its is a pleasure to use.

Mazosys services include: post form tops • melamine boards • granite • hardware • boards cut to size • all your edging requirements.

It is their official opening, thus for the duration of September, there will be amazing specials at their showroom.

  • Drop by at their showroom to speak to Colleen Basson or contact them at 082 320 1066 or email