‘Die Bye’ won hard-fought rugby clash

THE inaugural Buco Challenge rugby clash between age old rivals Uitenhage High Scool (Die Bye) and John Walton Secondary School (Mama) was won by the “stinging factor” of Uitenhage High.

“As far as derbies go, the competition between these two age-old rivals has indeed over the years proven to be an occasion of epic proportions,” said Shaun Petrus from Uitenhge High School.

The event lived up to everything it promised to be - a narrow encounter between two of the proudest sporting rivals in Uitenhage.

John Walton managed to score two tries of which one was converted, giving them a final score of 12 points. Uitenhage High School retaliated with five penalties. The winning points, however, were kicked by Carriston Hardt of Uitenhage High.

“While the battle was hard-fought, riddled with controversy and disappointment, both teams gave their all to the juncture, but, this time saw ‘Die Bye’ walk away with the win and live up to their school motto, Perseverando Vincimus, those who persevere overcome.

“We would like to extend a sincere and heartfelt thank you to the stakeholders of each institution. The support on the day was indeed impressive with parents showing their support to the superstars of tomorrow.

“A very special thank you, however, is extended to the main sponsor of the day, Buco. If the day was anything to go by, their investments were indeed worth their while,” said Petrus. - REPORTER