Legislation is needed to exhibit animals in public

THE Uitenhage & District SPCA wishes to draw the attention of the public, exhibitors and organisers of events involving animals, that there are legal criteria involved.

Although a SPCA inspector is responsible for the policing of such events, it is the duty of the exhibitor and organiser to ensure they operate within the legal criteria.

“While the SPCA greatly values, appreciates and is dependent on community support, it is still mandated to uphold legislation pertaining to the public exhibition of animals and the implementation of the law,” said Deirdré Swift, manager of the Uitenhage & District SPCA.

Exhibitors of animals are required to have a Performing Animals Protection Act Permit (PAPA licence) in terms of the Performing Animals Protection Amendment Act 4 of 2016.

“It is a criminal offence to perform or display animals without being the holder of such a permit, even if an application for such is still pending,” said Swift.

Apart from the PAPA licence, valid permits in terms of the Cape Nature and Environmental Conservation Ordinance 19 of 1974 for all wild animals kept on a premises as well as documentation from the municipality permitting the keeping of wild animals in terms of the municipal bylaws are also required.

Should the transportation of such animals to an event be necessary, transportation permits are also required for the animals.

The selling of animals such as but not limited to puppies, rabbits and chicks, is also not permissible and in contravention of the Municipal By-Laws.

“The SPCA urges and recommends that all persons organising events where animals will be on display ensure that the above measures are in place prior to the date of the event,” said Swift.

  • The Uitenahge SPCA can be contacted for guidance with regard to the public exhibition of animals or reptiles at 041 992 3016.