New social club for Rosedale seniors

THE Mount Moriah Senior Citizen’s Club was established in Rosedale with the aim to provide social, spiritual, cultural and recreational activities for people of the age 60 years and older.

Founder member Margaret Uithaler said she wished for the club in ten years’ time to be “a stable effective voice, friend and venue for seniors in our community.”

According to Uithaler, the club will offer a variety of programmes to meet the diverse interest of the senior population.

“Senior citizens still have to fulfil an important role in society. Therefore we invited senior citizens in our area to join the club and let our voice be heard,” said Uithaler.

The club will be active one day a week, every Friday from 11:00 to 12:30 at the Moravian Church, Crane Street in Rosedale.

  • For more information contact Margaret Uithaler 084 669 1154.