‘No business’ with sewage flowing in street

Sewage water pouring from blocked drains in Constitution Road, Uitenhage, has business owners utterly frustrated as for years this is an ongoing problem.

“We are tired of the situation. This is the second day that we have to operate in this stench. Our customers have to walk through the sewage water to enter my shop.

“It is very unhealthy and one can get diseases,” said Salamon Ergano from Joy Supply shop in Constitution Road.

“Contractors come to remove whatever is blocking the system, but it is not long then the whole situation repeats.

“I feel the root of the problem must be sorted out. Each time we have to phone and sometimes have to wait up to three days before contractors come to clear the problem.”

Sharon Laas from Safari Tyres said they are losing business owing to the sewage water overflowing the entrance to their premises.

“We as businesses have submitted a letter from the attorney to the municipality to officially complain about the continuous blocking of the sewerage systems in Constitution Road. It seriously affects our business as customers do not want to drive through the stinking water to get to our workshop,” said Laas.

“Neighbouring shop owners have told us that this has been happening for years. It is suspected that the blockages are caused by residents from the close-by flats.

“We, don’t know, but who or whatever are causing it should be warned or it should be addressed properly,” said Laas.