Record amount for Joker Draw

A total of R19 500 with only 27 cards left on the board, is what awaits participants in the popular Joker Draw which will be played tomorrow evening at the Uitenhage Golf Club.

“Nobody knows where the Joker is. I also do not have a clue. The 52 cards were shuffled and placed face down on the board. So, it will be pure luck to whoever draws the Joker,” said Morris Olivier, manager of the Uitenhage Golf Club.

This is a fundraising game held at the clubhouse and is open to the public.

The Club hosts three draws each Friday evening. The first draw is at 18:45 and is the Attendance Draw for members and social members only. At 18:55 the R5 attendance draw takes place, which is open to all attending the social evening.

“Then at 19:00 its time for the exciting Joker Draw. This draw is also open to all in attendance. Participants may buy a maximum of 10 numbers at R10 each.

“When your number or one of your numbers is drawn you will have the opportunity to choose one of the cards on the board that has not yet been turned around. If it’s the Joker, then you are the luckiest person in the clubhouse,” said Olivier.

The Joker Draw cupboard is secured.