The woman behind Bambi Play & Swim

Moving to Uitenhage as a school girl in 1988 Cathy Curtain never dreamed that 30 years later she would still be part of this small industrial dorpie!

During the year 2001 she was introduced to aqua aerobics classes at the Bambi pool. Soon after she was assisting the previous owner with swimming lessons for the Bambi school kiddies.

“I took off to East London to do courses in both swimming and aqua aerobics. We saw an opportunity for aftercare facilities and swimming lessons for other schools in the area,” said Cathy.

During 2008 she pursued new business interests and this was when the idea came to her to make Bambi her home and school. The rest was history.

“My love and passion for children of all ages grow each year. I truly believe this path was laid out for me by the glory of God,” said Cathy.

“He knew my heart. The road my life took might have been rocky at times, but prepared me for this wonderful journey! Every day I wake up being thankful that I can make a small difference to many who become part of our Bambi family,” said Cathy.

Applications for 2019 are open now.

  • Enquiries: Cathy Curtain 079 494 5760.