2 Rottweilers maul 6-year-old Cape Town boy to death in front of family

A Cape Town family is reeling in shock after witnessing two Rottweilers maul a six-year-old boy to death before their eyes, the Cape Times reported on Wednesday.

The boy, Uriel Ockhuis, was playing with friends in Rose Street, Hillview in Cape Town, when he was reportedly attacked by two Rottweilers.

According to EWN, the two animals escaped from their owner’s property. It was alleged that a gate had been left open.

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The boy's brother, Morné, older sister Stacey-Lee Adams, neighbour Rachel Waterloo and other bystanders reportedly tried to help.

According to the Cape Times, the boy was bitten 72 times.

Waterloo told the Cape Times that Uriel had been lying on his stomach screaming for help when they arrived and "the dogs wouldn’t let go of him".

The boy was reportedly going to start Grade 1 next year.

'Dead on arrival'

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' (SPCA) Belinda Abrahams told EWN the dogs had been put down.

SAPS Captain FC van Wyk said Muizenberg police responded to the call at about 18:45.

"The victim was taken to a hospital (in Retreat) by neighbours and was declared dead on arrival. An inquest docket has been registered at Muizenberg SAPS," Van Wyk said in a statement.

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In October, a two-year-old girl was attacked by a dog at a day care centre in Witbank.

The incident occurred when the toddler asked her carer for juice.

According to the carer, the Labrador took the opportunity to bite her without warning.

The toddler had injuries to her face, ears, eye socket and tear duct. She underwent a two-hour operation at Highveld Eye Hospital to repair the damage to her eye.

Last month, an elderly Camperdown man was mauled by four pit bulls on his property. He survived the attack. 

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