Burglars target Interpol HQ - again

Pretoria - Thieves have broken into the Pretoria building that houses Interpol and the Hawks for the second time in three weeks, a spokesperson said Thursday.

Two to three people stole laptops from the elite police unit, presumably over the weekend, according to police spokesperson Solomon Makgale.

"This time around it's not Interpol, it's the Hawks," he told AFP.

"We suspect that the people that have taken these laptops, they're more interested in the laptops than the information contained there," he added.

In July criminals made off with computers and other equipment from the International Police office in the same building.

Suspects gained entry with access cards and codes, raising concern over security measures at the building, which also hosts non-police entities.

The Times quoted a security source as saying this was the fifth break-in in three weeks at the building.