Cape Town welcomes protest ruling

Johannesburg - The City of Cape Town on Tuesday welcomed the ruling by the Western Cape High Court in Cape Town in civil action against the Cape Town Informal Settlement organisation and its members.

The organisation failed to oppose the matter in court and a default ruling in excess of R55 000 was granted, the city said in a statement.

The city would apply to execute the court order.

On 30 October, stalls of several informal traders were robbed of both stock and money when an illegal protest took place in the city centre, the city's JP Smith said in a statement.

He said the city's property and infrastructure was also damaged.

"The judgment vindicates the city's position and that it paves the way for us to pursue costs against the remaining instigators linked to Seskhona for the costs that they caused through months of poo protests through their so-called 'informal settlements task team'," Smith said.