Celebrate women's month - commission

Johannesburg - The Commission for Gender Equality on Thursday called on South Africans to celebrate Women's Month in August.

"The struggle continues for women's emancipation and empowerment even in the post-apartheid era due to persistent structural impediments in the way of gender equality," spokesperson Javu Baloyi said in a statement.

The public were encouraged to celebrate South Africa's achievements and commitment to gender equality.

In a recent report, the commission found that maternal mortality rates remained unacceptably high due to poor dissemination of vital information on family planning, nutrition, sanitation, access to contraceptives, antenatal and prenatal health care services.

"This is often compounded by limited knowledge of the health care services freely available in the public service."

The commission was eager to see education of girls boosted to delay first pregnancy and empower women to claim their right to make decisions regarding reproductive health.