Former Scorpion accused of fraud

Pretoria - Former Scorpions advocate Jeff Ledwaba allegedly had R10 000 paid into the account of the prosecutor handling his fraud and theft case in an attempt to sabotage it, Beeld reported on Thursday.

The State alleged that the following day Ledwaba called the National Prosecuting Authority's (NPA) anti-corruption line and reported advocate Willem van Zyl as corrupt.

Ledwaba was appearing in the Johannesburg Regional Court with Elvis Manyama, who allegedly made the deposit, on charges of defeating the ends of justice, fraud, and corruption.

Ledwaba and Manyana would be back in court next month.

According to a statement by Lieutenant Colonel Rosina Schickerling, the money was deposited into Van Zyl's account in Sunnyside on 29 October 2012.

Out on bail

He was not expecting payment and reported it to the NPA, the police, and the bank.

Van Zyl had taken over the prosecution after advocate Glynnis Breytenbach's suspension by the NPA.

The cellphone number on the deposit slip belonged to Livingstone Gabara who said he made a deposit for Manyana.

Records show that Ledwaba made four calls to Manyana that day and withdrew R10 000.

Ledwaba had challenged a successful forensic voice match based on the telephonic tip off, and wanted one to be done overseas.

He is out on bail.

The NPA's internal investigation found no grounds for the allegations against Van Zyl.

Ledwaba was found guilty in the original fraud and theft case and was expected to be sentenced on Friday.