Gungubele: We have good relationship with locals

Johannesburg - Despite being booed and police firing teargas at a rowdy crowd in Daveyton on Sunday, Ekurhuleni mayor Mondli Gungubele says his mayoral committee has a good relationship with locals.

"We report back to them on a monthly basis, we have a good relationship with them," Gungubele told reporters at the Sinaba stadium in Daveyton where he earlier spoke to residents about their housing concerns.

Several people booed and started leaving as Gungubele began to speak. Ward councillor Victor Chiloane called for calm and said the meeting was for people who had concerns, not a place for disruptions.

Gungubele said many people wanted to engage peacefully with the committee.

"They are people that are pleased with our interventions," he said.

Outside the stadium police fired teargas at people who burnt tyres and threw stones to show their dissatisfaction with Gungubele's speech.

He told the gathering the committee needed more time to address their concerns.

"We are aware of the challenges and we need time to address them."

The committee would conduct a housing audit and draft a list of people who qualified for RDP houses, especially those living in back rooms. The committee was expected to finalise the audit by next month.

"We are angry because this is an empty promise. We have already been waiting for houses," said a local resident who did not want to be named. Residents began protesting on Monday after they tried to illegally invade land and police prevented them from doing so. Protesters blockaded roads in the area with rocks, tree-trunks, tyres, and other objects.

A number of foreign-owned shops were looted on Tuesday and six people were arrested.