ANC: Madonsela abusing her office - AS IT HAPPENED

26 Aug 16:19 So by the sounds of it, the ANC's news conference is over. So that's that.
26 Aug 16:14 The ANC, as a governing party, has a bigger responsibility to defend democracy - Mantashe
26 Aug 16:05 The SIU report is clear and concrete on action being taken based on the Inter-Ministerial Task Team Report - Mantashe
26 Aug 15:52 The PP's office must be watertight, she can't blame the ANC for leaks, says Mantashe.
26 Aug 15:50 Mantashe: We don't want to remove the PP we want her to do her work effectively. Let her finish her term but she must not abuse it. There's a sense she is abusing her office.
26 Aug 15:43 Reporter mentions to ANC that law experts say the PP's reports hold more weight than other investigation bodies. Another asks if the ANC will take action to have Madonsela removed.
26 Aug 15:39 If PP knows of a minister in dealing in drugs, she must reveal who it is. She must let us know - Duarte
26 Aug 15:38

PP recommended that ministers must determine what must be paid, Zuma answers that and Madonsela is unhappy with that - Duarte

There has to be a calming down so we get to the end of this (Nkandla matter) - Duarte

26 Aug 15:36 The PP is very populist in her orientation and does not give the full picture, says Duarte.
26 Aug 15:35

Duarte: parliament and Chapter 9 institutions are there for protection of democracy, but neither is higher than Constitution or Parliament. PP's attitude is that she is higher than Parliament.

26 Aug 15:34 The ANC's Jesse Duarte now addressing media.
26 Aug 15:33 Mantashe says of PP's claim that a minister is dealing in drugs: If PP makes allegation that minister is dealing in drugs, she must go all the way and see who it was.
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