Limpopo man dies after vicious hippo attack


Antoinette Russouw 2014/12/09 11:33:54 AM
Wonder whether the hippo will pay with it's life ...
Kuno Tschumi 2014/12/09 11:38:25 AM
may he RIP
Anthony Fredericks 2014/12/09 11:49:06 AM
Tomorrow we will have a news story and pictures of how they executed the hippo. Just like what happened to the Croc, when he killed that Golfer.
Christina Setloboko 2014/12/09 11:51:47 AM
Thabani KaMathaba 2014/12/09 11:57:07 AM
Marius u sick
Maberry Maluk'z Vongz 2014/12/09 11:57:51 AM
Not many can fight the hippo. He is a worrior indeed. RIP
Candice Hoatson 2014/12/09 12:00:39 PM
Shame poor man! Must of been frightening experience. Wouldn't mind if they do shoot hippo.
Kathy Burger Hellyar 2014/12/09 12:05:37 PM
Africa is not for sissies.
mantlekilo 2014/12/09 12:13:37 PM
Africa is not for sissies. To walk in and share the domain of our wildlife one must be super vigilant and aware ....accidents like this unfortunately happen and there is no one really to blame. Personally I think I would rather be 'chomped' by an angry hippo whilst communing with nature,than be stabbed to death in my own home or on the public street, as good chance a chance of this happening while criminals are protected so they can keep voting..
Candice Hoatson 2014/12/09 12:22:44 PM
Because everyone more concerned about animal than the man. He needed to fish to live. If hippo got aggressive he should pay.
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