Man targeted young girls on BBM, WhatsApp

Johannesburg - Sentencing of a Rustenburg man who targeted young daughters of divorced mothers on social media to get nude photographs was postponed in the Rustenburg Magistrate's Court on Monday, North West police said.

"The case was due for sentencing today but the court postponed the trial in order to have it moved to the regional court," said police spokesperson Elsabe Augoustides.

Construction worker Anthony Louw pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography.

The sexually enticing or explicit images were of young girls, some in early puberty. One girl was reportedly 12.

Using the names "Shivon", "Chivonne" or "Chevonne", he befriended divorced women and then their daughters on BBM and WhatsApp, police said.

He flattered them and the girls later sent him photos of themselves posing naked - some in front of the name signs of Rustenburg schools.

He was arrested after a tip off.

The trial was postponed to 27 August where it would be heard in a regional court.