Petrol truck catches fire in KZN accident

Johannesburg - A petrol truck caught alight when it, another heavy-duty truck and a minibus were involved in a collision on the N11 around 30km outside Ladysmith on Sunday, provincial emergency services said.

"Emergency services and paramedics from KZN Emergency Medical Services from Ladysmith responded to the collision, which occurred just before 15:00 this afternoon," interim spokesperson Robert Mckenzie said.

"Emergency services arrived on scene [to] find one truck completely blocking the road while the other truck, a petrol tanker was alight."

The cab and the front section of the truck were fully engulfed in flames, which were extinguished by the fire department.

"The truck drivers were treated by the paramedics for serious injuries that they had sustained during the collision," McKenzie said.

"About another eight people who were on board the minibus escaped injury and decided not to be transported to hospital after being assessed by the paramedics."

The two truck drivers were taken to hospital by paramedics from a local private ambulance service.

"The road was completely closed due to the collision, and traffic had to be diverted," Mckenzie.

"The cause of the accident and the preceding events are being investigated by the police."